The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Monday, October 3, 2011

10/3/2011 update....

Hey guys! Another week has passed and there's a lot to get you all updated on. First, lets start with a personal achievment. I have not bitten my nails for two months! Ha ha. This sounds funny but it's something that I've struggled with for over 15 years. It really helps me relate to people with any addiction. Unfortunately, biting my nails is my addiction. Thanks to the wifey for the help!
Brie and I have also been looking at houses this past week. We met with a loan officer and were pre-approved to start looking at houses. Also, we met with a real estate guy and have started the whole process. It's kind of funny! We recieve about five emails a day with pictures of houses on the market. Our real estate guy is wanting to move much faster than we are. We are looking into places near Springville area with a basement apartment that we can rent out to young married couples. We have found a few houses that we like and will probably go and visit them soon. It's kind of funny the timing of it all actually. This week in my Personal Finance Class, we are learning strategies on buying a house. Already I've realized that we need to slow down and consider a bunch of other things. We may not even move into a house. We are most likely out of Utah after I graduate from BYU in two years. Some questions that we're considering. Will our house build enough equity in two years to sell it? If not, will we be able to rent out our house to cover our mortgage and create another avenue of residual income? Will it be a lot of work to rent out the house while we are not living nearby? We're in the process of considering these questions and are open to any input that you guys have! Feel free to leave a comment with your opinions.
Things with "Sponsor me Slim" are going fantastic! It's been so fun to see some amazing success stories in just one short month. Ilia is down 16 lbs in 16 days and 12 inches. Jim has lost 3lbs and 1 inches in his first four days on the program. Alex has lost 27 lbs and 12 inches in his first month on the program! Another great thing to see is how many people have become ambassadors of Nourish the Children. At least 100 starving children have been fed this last month due to our efforts and this number is continuing to grow! My mom started the program yesterday, and I'm excited to see her progress! It's been a blast to work so closely with Peter Lavery. He's having me do questionnaires, 1 on 1 interviews, training and much much more. He has already had a huge impact on my business and can't hardly wait to see how things will be in only one months time.
Lastly, we had a blast this conference weekend. My in-laws rented a cabin in Sundance and we stayed the weekend up there. Conference was a great excuse to get away and enjoy time with the family and pondering the words of our leaders. I felt like 5+ talks were written just for me. Saturday I enjoyed going out to eat with Rick, Andrew, Brennan and Landon. After Priesthood session, we returned to the cabin and had an awesome spa experience. We spent time in a hot tub, steam room, and sana. To finish things off, Brie had me wear a Glacial Marine Mud Mask. Haha good times!

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