The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Monday, October 10, 2011


Ok guys, I have an exciting blog post for you all this week! As I've mentioned previously, I am studying Entrepreneurship at BYU. This week, we've been given an assignment called "creating value." Have you heard about the red paper clip? Check out this video if you'd like to see what it's all about.
We are pretty much doing the exact same thing. Instead of starting with one red paper clip, we are starting with a rock. The purpose of the assignment is to see how well we can barter with people to change one rock (under 1 lb) into something great. I'd like everybody who reads this blog to send me an email ( just to let me know that you've seen this blog. It will take two minutes but will be very helpful. We are open to any offers to get started. Do you have something at your house, in your garage, or just lying around that you don't use anymore? Please let us know and we can start with something of value. I'll be updating you all weekly on our team's progress. Also, please check us out on facebook! I'll be throwing up a post to try and get everybody's participation. Even if you aren't willing to trade something with us, you can like us or post on our post. This way more people will see what we are about. Thanks so much everyone for your participation, this will be fun and exciting!
A little update with "Sponsor Me Slim". We have more people on the program than I could ever imagine in such a short time frame. Tomorrow I will have a weigh in with some of our new comers and with their permission I'll update you all! I also haven't asked my mom if it was ok that I put up her numbers but she has had great progress! Contact her to hear how much weight/inches she lost in only her first week! Proud of you mom!!! Two really exciting things happened this last week with "Sponsor Me Slim." First, we got corporate's attention. In the last 1.5 weeks of September, we generated more volume in weight loss than competing programs in last 3 months combined. Corporate called us up to ask what we were doing. Instead of telling them, we invited them to one of our seminars and they were blown away with the testimonials. Over 25 people stood up and shared their weight loss and health success. It was truly inspiring! I also noticed that we had over 20 Nourish the Children Ambassador's in the room. That means that over 120 children were fed last month because of our efforts. Because we had such great success in September, we all went to celebrate. We stayed at the Zermott in Midway, Utah. We ate dinner and swam Friday night, then had a full day of training on Saturday. What a fabulous weekend. Thanks everyone for your support. Well that's all that I have time for right now, have a great week!

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