The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Friday, October 21, 2011


Wow, what an amazing week! Where do I begin? Lets give you guys an update with last week's news.

Rock to Riches
As I mentioned last week, we were given an assignment last week in school to trade a rock for eventual riches. We started with a rock that weighed less than a pound. We traded that rock for a bunch of stuff that Haylie and Brett Nowell were going to get rid of. We left our first trade with wakeboard bindings, poster, bags, blankets...etc. In 20 minutes we will be trading some of those things for a computer scanner. This ends tomorrow, so if you guys have anything to contribute, it would be much appreciated. This has been exciting!

Sponsor me Slim
I just got back from an amazing Sponsor me Slim weekend. We spent the week at Pirate's Cove in Boulder City Nevada. If you don't know where that is, please watch this video on YouTUBE. It's the coolest house known to mankind!

We took a bus down there with around 30 people. We left Monday morning and arrived around 7pm. After we got settled in, we spent the night swimming, jumping off of the pirate planks, and going down the water slides. I can't leave out the all you can eat ice cream and slushies that I enjoyed. I know, I need to be a better example to my clients that are losing weight. Every time I ate a cone, I saw somebody look at me with disgust. haha, I'll be better! The next two days we spent eating and playing. It was very relaxing. The only thing I could compare it to was a theme park and cruise ship combined. If it weren't $5000 a night, I would recommend that everyone go there! Or join us and lose a bunch of weight and we'll get you there for free :) The last day was my favorite. We spent the day with some incredible people and received great counsel on how to build a sustainable long term business. A special thanks to Craig Tillotson, Kenton Worthington, and Peter Lavery. With out you guys, we wouldn't be seeing the rapid growth that we've seen thus far. Thanks to you, hundreds of people are losing weight and many hundreds of children are now being fed nutritious meals! The most impacting moment for me this week was actually on the bus ride down there. Peter Lavery made us watch the movie "Schindler's List." If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend the movie even though it isn't a fun movie to watch. It tells the story of the Jews that were placed in the camps during WWII. Very sad to see how those Jews were treated and how many were killed. Over a three year period, close to six million Jews had been killed. No one did anything about it. What would you do if you lived in Germany at the time? Would you stand by and watch that happen? The takeaway message for me was this. In three years over six million Jews were exterminated and nobody did anything about it. Every year six million children, not adults but children, are dying of starvation. This is totally preventable! Am I just going to stand by and watch it happen? The answer is no! Lets keep up the people achieve their weight loss goals with a purpose. To feed the world's starving children. It's up to us. Take care guys!

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