The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Monday, September 26, 2011

In the working......


I apologize to everyone (especially Mrs. Thomas) for not keeping my blog up-to-date. Life has been absolutely hectic lately! Over the past few weeks I’ve been building my new venture, “Sponsor Me Slim.” I will catch you up on that later. This has left me with very little time for anything else (including blogging). However, Brie and I have made time to have some fun.
Last weekend Brie and I went to a circus! This is the first time that she had ever been, so that was fun to experience that with her. We also enjoyed the company of some old and new friends. All I can say is “fire it up!” If you were at the Rigley Brother’s circus, you will understand that joke. I’ll throw up some pictures of the circus later this week. I was amazed with the trapeze artists, the elephants, and the tigers.
Before I jump into my new venture, I have to say that I’m extremely excited for General Conference this next weekend. We are renting a cabin for the weekend in Sundance so look for the update and some pictures next week.
What is “Sponsor Me Slim?” The easiest way to explain it to you guys is with a few horrifying statistics. Did you know that every seven seconds someone dies of Type II Diabetes? Did you know that Type II Diabetes is directly associated with obesity? Did you know that every six seconds a child dies of starvation? “Sponsor Me Slim” is designed to rid America of obesity and at the same time feed starving children through-out the world. We guarantee our program or your money back. This is my career and feed my family so I’m not interested in selling you a program; instead I’m interested in results. Another cool thing about our weight loss program is that in almost all cases it will save you money. Another important factor with “Sponsor Me Slim” is our partnership. Did you know that if you give a starving child a truck full of corn they will still die of malnutrition? We have partnered with a company that employs over 75 scientists to formulate the most nutritious meal to feed a starving child. In summary, this program is about helping you lose weight and most importantly helping you recapture your health. At the same time, we are solving the problem of starvation by donating nutritious meals to starving children in the world.

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