The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here we go...

What's up guys? I have mentioned to a few of you already, but I've started this blog for a business class at BYU. For the first time today, I looked at a few blogs and realized that I have some heavy competition with women from all ranges. Unfortunately, my blog probably won't be that cute and won't contain millions of pictures of my kids (because I don't have any). I was trying to think about what I'd like this blog to consist of and kept drawing blanks. Many of you that know me probably can picture me trying to think of how I can make "the best blog ever." Haha! After thinking about it for a short time (5 days haha...I'm a stinking perfectionist), I just decided that I'd create a blog that makes my life a little more transparent. Sometimes I'm lectured for not informing my family enough on what's going on in my life, so, maybe this can be a great tool for that. I have the best wife I could ever imagine but at times don't recognize the little things that she does; maybe this can be a great tool for that as well. My wife and I are on an incredible journey in running our first businesses and I learn many lessons daily; maybe it's a great tool to jot down those lessons in hopes that they can help others. Lastly, I'm amazed daily at the grace and love of our Father in Heaven and maybe it can be a tool to help me share hope with others. Whatever I blog about, you I can make clear the world as I see it. Well, here we go!
A little introduction:
My name is Kelsey Lane Erickson and I am married to the one and only Brienne Johanna Erickson. We have been happily married since May 8, 2010. Both Brienne and I grew up in Utah county and dated through our senior year in high school, college, and a 2 year leave :). Currently, I attend the Marriot School at BYU and will graduate in 2 years (can't come fast enough). I'm studying Business/Entrepreneurship and am hoping to make my business and others an international success with that knowledge. I'm a proud member of the LDS or Mormon church and am happy share our beliefs with anyone that has questions. Other than my brother, the rest of my family lives in Dallas, Texas. Yes they left me here in Utah all by myself when I returned home from a 2 year leave in Chile. I don't know much else to tell you all about what I am currently doing except to tell you a bit about Brie. She is slowly working towards her bachelors degree at BYU and already completed 2 years of aesthetics school. She runs "The Spa at Provo Beach Resort" and yes she'd love to have you all come and visit. She's very generous to friends, family, and first timers! She's an example to me and others in more ways than one and I'm lucky to have her. This is us, and welcome to our lives!

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  1. Finally! you guys are getting into the blogging world! YAY. looking forward to future post (and i agree, your wife IS pretty amazing!)