The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hey guys, welcome back to my life! Kind of hard to know where I left off but I'll try.

Our life
Brie and I are doing really well. We have such a crazy busy life right now I'm surprised that we even stay normal. I'm lucky to have her as a wife, and love that we'll always make time for each other. We bought our tickets out to Texas for Christmas this year, and we are very much looking forward to seeing my family. I just got word that my sister'
s boy Carter has been put back in the hospital for troubles breathing. We are praying and fasting for baby Carter that he'll be ok. The poor guy has been poked and prodded ever since his premature birth last December. Another crazy incident took place last week on Brie's side of the family. Her cousins were on their way to a youth activity for their church and the roads were icy. They slid off the road and down a 100' cliff. I can't believe it, but they all survived. Two of the cousins were just fine, one suffered from hypothermia, and the third got a big gash in her face and many broken bones. The driver broker her back, and o
ne other girl was hurt quite severely. She is at Primary Children's Hospital, please keep them all in your prayers. Here is a picture of the vehicle:
School Life
I know that everybody in my classes thinks that I'm going to drop out, but i won't! School's been an interesting challenge for me :). I'm having a hard time attending classes that I don't feel contribute much to my future. You know, some of those annoying general classes. I remember before I made a switch to Entrepreneurship, school was so different. I was studying Civil Engineering and had school paid for and then some left over. I really hated my major and found no relevance in what I was learning, yet it paid well. I felt like that wasn't a track that I wanted to get started on. If I continued with Civil, I could probably get a decent job and make decent amounts of money, but I'd have been miserable. Grades were so important to me, now they are not. Don't get me wrong, i know that i need to pass my classes. I just know that grades don't really define me. I pick and choose what I want to apply into my life and I like that better. The funny thing is, the only people that this makes any sense to are Entrepreneurs.

Work Life
Sponsor me Slim is still going amazingly well. We had the grand opening of our new center up in Centerville Utah and there were over 180 people there. I'm amazed with how fast this is growing, but it's very exciting. I love the fact that i'm able to slim people down and change their lives. At the same time we feed starving children and save their lives. Peter Lavery has flown people in from all over the world to work at slimming down America. Now Gerry is in from Thailand and last night we went to the airport to pick up Leni from England. These are all incredible individuals. It was a true pleasure to spend time with Leni last night. He has trained 4 world champion boxers and over 20 national champions. His son Richard Odwall is training the British Olympic Boxing team. They are very influential and respectable people and it's an honor to work with them. I'm trying to soak in everything that they are teaching me so that I can make the best possible impact in some one's life. That's all I have time for, thanks guys!

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