The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey guys, welcome to another week of my life!

Thanksgiving Break
This was a fun thanksgiving break. We stayed here in Orem and enjoyed the holiday at the Roney's. Even though the family is vegetarian, they still made a delicious turkey (thank goodness)! I felt like a total bum this last week because I did a lot of lounging. It was nice to spend time with Brienne, and just relax! Work has been so crazy lately that we don't get much down time. We saw the movie "Hugo" and it was a bit weird but good. One unexpected surprise happened with my good friend Gerry. His appendix ruptured and he had to have it removed. The poor guy just arrived from Ireland a couple weeks ago and now he's out for a week after surgery. It's kind of crazy because this guy eats incredibly healthy but still had Appendix problems. We had a cool experience with him in the hospital, and I believe our prayers were answered.

The only other thing that I'd really like to post is how grateful I am for this thanksgiving holiday. One of my professor's shared his thoughts on the true meaning of thanksgiving and it goes like this. The true meaning of thanksgiving is for us to remember and be grateful to live in a land where we are free. The pilgrims arrived in America just before winter and did not have time to plant and harvest crops. So needless to say, they had more mouths to feed then they had food. About 100 arrived in the Mayflower to America, and 13 died the first winter. The next year they planted their crops but because of unfamiliarity with the American soil the crops did not grow as they had intended. To make matters worse, another ship arrived just before the next winter and unloaded more men and took many supplies and food. Now they had a bigger problem than the year before, more mouths to feed and less food. While a feast with the indians did occur (probably because the pilgrims wanted their food), the real purpose of thanksgiving is to remember these pilgrims. They looked around at eachother before the next winter knowing that many people would not survive the winter. Even though they knew that many would die, their hearts were filled with gratitude for having the opportunity to live in a free land. Many did die the following winter, at least another 30. Let us remember how grateful we should be to live in a free land and choose our paths in life.

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