The Erickson's

The Erickson's

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For those of you following my blog, I'll let you know that this post will be quite boring for you. My MCOM 320 Professor has asked that I dedicate this blog to giving her feedback on her class. That's all i will be posting about today.

MCOM 320 Feedback
Overall, I have had a great impression with this class. More than anything, I've been impressed with the teaching rather than the material. Lets start with the good feedback. I can tell that you care about your students and their future. This comes across in the way that you teach. You are passionate about teaching and it shows. I noticed that you practiced what you preached. Everything that you were teaching us, you did yourself. For example, you used the same tools and techniques that you taught us during the class about presenting. I've enjoyed your class.

I also enjoyed team projects. It was great to work as a team and build relationships in your classroom. From my experience, this is how the real world is. You will be working as teams, not as individuals.

I felt that some material was applicable and some material was truly not applicable. I know that you were worried about my work at the start of the semester. As a budding Entrepreneur, I pick and choose which things I feel that are applicable to me. My work was very poor when it came to writing a resume, or interviewing for a job because that is of no interest to me. I decided to just turn something in to get some points and focus my time and energy on something more applicable to me. When there were projects that had more to do with my interests, I hope you noticed that I put in much more effort. I don't know if I speak for everybody, but I will give you my opinion for what it's worth. One suggestion that I would give is to make sure that the assignments that you give out are broad enough to apply to everyone. I noticed that you tried to do this, but it could be a bit better. Thanks for a great semester

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